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We've come to the end of the first trimester and I am pleased with the progress the students have made! New material will be introduced on a regular basis, so please check your child's work so that you can monitor progress.

 The most notable new material will be the introduction of adding and then subtracting with two-digit numbers. What many parents will recall as 'carrying the 1' for addition and 'borrowing' for subtraction will now be called regrouping for both. The term is more representative of what actually is happening in the equations. If you have any questions, please don't be hesitant to ask.

 In December, I will be taking a step back from reading to the students and will be putting the students in the spotlight each afternoon. Each student will take a turn in my chair and be the guest reader in 'READER'S THEATER'. The students will be asked to choose their favorite holiday book to share with the class. 

Just as a reminder- we eat healthy snacks in Second Grade. Please help your child choose a healthy snack to have during our afternoon break time. Cookies, Chips and sweets are o.k. for a dessert after lunch. Healthy snacks are crucial during the work day to fuel our bodies so that we can stay focused and energized. The exception to healthy snacks comes on Wednesdays. Wednesday is 'Junk Food Wednesday". The children may bring in chips, cookies, etc for snack on that day only.

Our trips to the library are scheduled for the fourth Friday of each month. Since the fourth Friday of both November and December are scheduled days off, we will have to schedule an alternate date. Please stay tuned for the date.