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The week of January 27th will be Catholic Schools week.  You will soon be receiving information about many of the fun and exciting events that will be occurring at the school during this time. 



As we move forward in the liturgical year and enter Ordinary Time, we will be discussing the importance of being an active participant in Mass and a member of the parish community.  We will also review the Sacraments of Initiation and Sacraments of Healing.


We will be having a Spelling Test each Friday.  We will be working with words with the schwa sound.  Please work with your child throughout the week to help them practice using their spelling words to prepare for the test. 


We will be having a Reading Test on "Symphony of Whales" on Friday, January 11th.  Please remind your child to review their study guide to help them prepare for this assessment.


 In Math, we are working on our multiplication facts and beginning to multiply problems with three factors.  Reviewing these multiplication facts at home will be very beneficial for your children as they will be using them throughout the remainder of the school year.



In Social Studies, we are looking at cultural celebrations and their importance.  This includes both religious and non-religious holidays and celebrations.  We will also be discussing the important contributions of Dr. King as we approach Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on January 21st.



Also, please encourage your child to log in to MobyMax each day.  There are various subjects that can be reviewed and practiced.  We will be working on this website both in school and at home.  If you would like an additional copy of your child's log-in information, please let me know.