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Welcome to First Grade!  Our program provides a print-rich environment where children can learn through both whole-group and small-group hands on experiences.

The colder weather is upon us!  Please make sure your child comes to school with a warm winter coat!  

In the new year we continue to grow as disciples of Jesus.  We are learning about Jesus' life as a young boy and as a part of the Holy Family.  We now attend mass every Friday at 9:00.  This allows us to worship together as a class and as a school, and to participate in weekly worship.

While we continue to practice the short vowel sounds and the digraphs, we have now begun learning the long vowel sounds and how a silent e at the end of a word tells the vowel to say its name.  These phonics skills are also reinforced in our spelling lists and our leveled reading.  We also apply these skills to our writing and editing. During our math time, we are learning about place value and how to model numbers using base 10 blocks.  We also count our days in school using base 10 blocks and ten frames!

Please remember to check your child's yellow folder for notices and school work.  It's also a great way to start a conversation about what your child did during the school day!

 We will participate in monthly trips to the Derby Public Library on the third Monday of each month.  Please make sure your child has a library card so they may check out books!



Monday: Digital Literacy

Tuesday: Music 

Wednesday: Gym

Thursday: Art

Friday: Spanish 



Mrs. Pierro