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Our Distance Learning programs are going well, while we will be continuing this method though the end of the year,

we will be tackling some excellent art themes and projects!

Some of our latest!

Jim Dine Hearts

Piet Mondrian Abstracts

Catherine Rayner inspired "Solomon the Crocodile"

Great Job Guys! 






Full Size Chalk Mosaic!

Awesome Job Reese!! 



St Mary St Michael Art Club will be back in session when we return to school.

Art Club is back and we will once again be working in back to back, 4-week sessions, with a two week break in between each session. We will also be staggering our grade levels so we meet every other week. Grades 1 thru 4 will meet one week, then Grades 5 thru 8 will meet the following week and so on. At the end of the 4-week run (and a two week break), students are welcome to signup for the next session, and subsequent sessions for the remainder of the school year.

Start dates will be announced when we return to school. 

If you have any questions regarding this new format, please don't hesitate to email me here at: 

                                          We have received some wonderful art supply donations. Thank you again!
For anyone interested in donating supplies for use in our art classes. I am posting a list here and a paper list will also be tacked to the school bulletin board as well.
Donated art supplies can range from anything including but not limited to:
Black Construction Paper (we use ALOT of this)
Drawing Paper
Tracing Paper
Construction Paper
Tissue Paper
Glue (sticks or elmers) 
Cardboard (non corrugated)
Paints (acrylic, watercolor or tempera)
Charcoal Sticks
Oil Pastels
Chalk Pastels 
 of course, anything related to arts and crafts that you may be looking to part with will be most appreciated and put to good use by all the kids. THANK YOU in advance!

Please continue to check back to my web page where I will continue to post new images of artwork by all grades!

The goal is to introduce the students to a wide variety of art disciplines through various mediums beginning with and including:


  • cut & paste and visual motor skills
  • the basics of line
  • elements of form
  • composition
  • color theory
  • drawing & painting techniques


I will also intermix exercises in art history throughout the curriculum, focusing on various periods and including background information on some of the world's most famous artists. This is designed to give the students a basis for how and why art applies to almost all aspects of everyday life.

This curriculum is designed to build on what the students learn each week, resulting in a wide variety of finished works in all these disciplines and mediums.

Most of all this class is about the FUNdamentals (with emphasis on fun!) of art enrichment, while also learning about it's importance.

Any questions, comments or requests for further information are welcome.

Mr. Stephen DiRienzo



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"CT Sea Bounty" 11"x14" Oil on Canvas Board


"Midnight Run" 16"x20" Oil on Canvas



"Granny Smith - Study in Green" 12"x12" Oil on Canvas

"Acoustic Sunburst" 12"x16" Oil on Canvas Board

"Cycles of Circular Motion" 12"x12" Oil on Canvas